At the end of January 2013, three Second Years – Romina Golchin, Rebecca O’Shaughnessy and Aoife Crotty – participated in a Junior Public Speaking Competition run by the Irish Federation of University Women. This is a national competition for girls under the age of fifteen, with participants having just fifteen minutes to prepare a speech on one of six topics, ranging from Education and the Environment, to Happiness and The Teenage Years. January’s Regional Final was held in UCC, and Romina, Rebecca and Aoife all put in sterling performances to clinch the (very shiny!) Cup. Romina spoke (worryingly for many!) on how teenagers should earn their pocket money by doing household chores; Rebecca discussed the conflict between Human greed and the need to protect the planet, and Aoife gave a rallying presentation on how young people are too obsessed with their appearance and weight, sharply critiquing the influence of the Media. An excellent performance was presented by all, and on March 1st they’ll be participating in the National Final. Best of luck, ladies!!!