On Thursday the 27th March, the Debating Club held an in-house debate in the Library of No.1. The motion was “That This House Believes That Equality Between Men and Woman is Impossible.”

On the Proposition side were Alexandria O’Donnell (1st Year), Kate Dinan (1st Year), Zahra Khan (4th Year), May Harley (1st Year) and Ciara Rodohan (1st Year). On the Opposition were Deirbhile Ní Dheasmhúnigh (1st Year), Megan Cuttriss (2nd Year) and Clare Keaveny-Jimenez (6th Year). (Some technical blips on the day resulted in the uneven numbering on each side!!).

It was a very enjoyable debate, full of controversial points. The speeches were very witty too. Everybody had their own take on the topic. It was great to see all the Junior Debaters taking part, some for the first time.

Needless to say, the adjudicators had a very hard time deciding who the best speaker was to be. This honour went to Kate Dinan (1st Year) who gave a most humourous speech. Congratulations to Kate, and well done to all who participated. It was truly great.


Aoife Crotty, 2nd Year