Bean Ui Riordain was honoured by the Classics Department in University
College Cork on Friday, 6 th September 2019.
Dr. Catherine Ware, on behalf of the Classics Department, honoured Bean Ui
Riordain for her achievement and her contribution to Classics over the years.
The ceremony, which took place in the Common Room in UCC was attended by
colleagues and students of Scoil Mhuire Cork, both past and present.
A booklet, entitled “Climbing Vesuvius in High Heels” was presented to Bean
Ui Riordain and contained a selection of memories and stories from colleagues
and students who had worked with and been taught by Bean Ui Riordain.
The school community of Scoil Mhuire Cork is exceptionally proud of Bean Ui

Conlege et Amica
Colleague and Friend